The Packraft Festival

Organized in collab with Mekong, Packrafts made in France 🇫🇷 since 2019 in Crest (26).

 May 2024, from 9th to 12th

 in St-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (05)

Program and online booking at Mekong logo

For the guides, here is your dedicated information page...


Beginner level:

  • Paddling : 2 places left on Friday (full day)
  • Safety : 3 places left on Saturday afternoon

Intermediate level:

  • All places are already taken!

Confirmed level:

  • Paddling : 1 place left on Saturday (full day)
  • Safety : 1 place left on Saturday afternoon

To book those last places, please  contact us ASAP!

To join the workshops organized by Hike2River during the Packraft Festival, you will have to come equipped with the equipment listed below.

Gear for H2R workshops

Compulsory individual equipment

  • Your packraft, your inflator and your paddle 🛶
  • Your PFD (ISO 12402-5) and whistle (ISO 12402-8)* 🎽
  • Your white water helmet (NF EN 1385) 👷‍♀️
  • Your dry or wetsuit (water can be cold and immersion will be on the agenda) 🏊
  • Your closed shoes, which hold to the feet, in good condition (no fivefingers, sandals, socks without soles, flip flops, etc.) 🥾
  • Your backpack to carry all your stuff ! 🎒
  • Your funniest "poum-poum short" for paddling 🩳

Optional individual equipment

  • Your safety rope (floating rope to throw in his bag) 🪢
  • Your knife or rope cutter (mandatory if you take your rope)🔪
  • Your mouflage kit (webbing, pulleys, carabiners, twine) 🪝
  • Any other material you find useful...

Hike2River equipment rental

Equipment price 1 >>> 1 day = 10€ ; festival = 25€

  • 4 pieces paddle (Aqua Bound - Shred)
  • Full wetsuit (Wildsuits - 5/4mm) >  Find my size

Equipment price 2 >>> 1 day = 5€ ; festival = 15€

  • Chaussettes néoprène (Hiko - Neo 3.0) > Trouver ma pointure
  • Wet cap (WIP - Winter Neo)
  • PFD (ION - BoosterX)
  • Helmet (WIP - Wipper 2.0)
  • Rope (WWTC - 18m)

If you do not have a poum-poum shorts, we will lend you one...  Style is a free ! 😉

All places are indicative and can be changed at any time by your guide according to the conditions of the day.

Technical workshops


We invite you to work on your packraft navigation technique. These slots are placed in the morning (friday and saturday) and will take place on a short section of river and/or on calm water. You will learn how to use your paddle and your boat to gain comfort in rapids for your level.

Choose your level...

Safety workshops


We invite you to learn safety techniques and attitudes in the river. The workshops are placed in the afternoon (friday and saturday) to avoid the morning freshness (but do not underestimate the freshness of the water).  You will experience different aquatic situations to learn how to deal with the unexpected.

Choose your level...

Paddling workshops


We propose you to go down a stretch of river during the day (Friday and Saturday; Thursday for experts).  During the navigation, we will give you tips to identify the dangers, determine whether crossing certain rapids is possible or not, the preparation and how to lead a trip!

Choose your level...

Specific workshops


There are also workshops that take you off the usual path:

  • Bikerafting : Shuttle with th bike, then jump on your boat with the bike
  • Tandem Packrafting : A team job, go where you want to go

Choose your practice...

You still have question to ask us ? Do not hesitate...